Day #1 The 5 Day Black and White Challenge has been running around on Facebook, so I was challenged by my old friend John DeMotte to join in. Of course, I accepted and began rummaging through my old film based image archives to find some images that had not been seen for awhile. It’s pretty simple, post an image a day for 5 days and invite others to join in. So this first image is from my days of working for a local alt-newspaper in Birmingham called Black and White. They were doing an interview with local artist Chris Lawson and I was given the assignment to do some portraits to accompany the article. With Mr. Rice’s Cross Garden as the backdrop, we spent a warm afternoon in Prattville, Alabama capturing some truly memorable imagery.


Day #2 – My second image is again from my time working for a local alternative paper here in Birmingham called Black and White. I was covering a 3 day music festival we once had called City Stages and my last stop on Saturday night was to see Mudhoney play. This was taken in the pit (the area between the crowd and the stage) during the chaos and near riot that ensued during the first few minutes of their set.








 Day #3 – My third image is once again from my time working for an alternative paper here in Birmingham called Black and White. One of my regular duties was photographing local eating establishments for the accompanying review, so today we get a look at the hard-working folks at Lag’s Eatery, a diner located in Homewood, Alabama.diner






 Day #4 – Today’s image is one of my favorite southern folk artists, the late Reverend Howard Finster, caught mid-rant during my afternoon visit to Paradise Gardens.

"Rant at Paradise Gardens"
“Rant at Paradise Gardens”







 Day #5 – Let us return to Mr. Rice’s Cross Garden in Prattville, along with artist Chris Lawson. The place is very surreal to begin with, but then add in Chris and the effects of the infrared film, it is definitely creepy southern gothic at it’s best.Ir Lawson arrow






I hope you have enjoyed this look back at some of my early work, there will be some new blog posts and photo galleries next week.